Uniquely Beautiful

A few months ago I was walking with a friend through a beautiful rose garden. As we strolled and talked I was surprised by all the amazing roses that were still in bloom. I kept stopping to take pictures of the beautiful flowers. Many of them were breathtaking.

At one point my girlfriend and I sat on a bench under the canopy of trees to finish a conversation. It was beautiful and serene. After some time I got up to find a trash can and in the process noticed the most incredible thing … the group of trees we had been sitting under was not as it appeared. It was, in fact, not a group of trees at all, but one tree that had grown into several trunks.

It was the most unusual tree I’ve ever seen. At first I thought, “Oh, how weird,” but as I inspected the tree I realized it was actually incredibly beautiful. Each trunk gave life to its own set of leaves and it supported its own small community of animals living in and on it. Each trunk gave life to individual beauty, but every trunk came out of the same foundation. It was one tree with many facets.tree trunk2

People are like this tree. We are made up of many experiences that grow and develop us in different ways. Many of these experiences can take on a life of their own and sometimes we can feel like pieces of ourselves are going in different directions. But the reality is that each of these experiences/pieces come together to form the foundation of who we are.

There will never be another tree just like this one with the same number of trunks, growing the same height, supporting the same animals. It is different. It is distinct.

In the same way there will never be another person just like you. Your experiences … your pieces … your growth are unique to you.  You are one-of-a-kind. You were hand-designed by the Creator of the Universe with the loving care that only He can give. He made you exactly as he wanted you.

He made you uniquely beautiful.

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