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Our Obsession with Comparison

I was reading an article this morning about why Sadie Robertson is a better role model than another well-known 17-year old girl. The author said that although she could point out many reasons for her argument, she was narrowing her […]

Uniquely Beautiful

A few months ago I was walking with a friend through a beautiful rose garden. As we strolled and talked I was surprised by all the amazing roses that were still in bloom. I kept stopping to take pictures of […]

Missing Pieces, Missing Opportunities

My husband, Chuck, and I love to do jigsaw puzzles. In fact, we each received one for Christmas and we’ve already completed one of them. Currently we are working on the second. We both agree that the first order of […]

You Are Remarkable, There’s No Debate

I spend a lot of time contemplating adjectives … yes, adjectives. Two that I really like are “exceptional” and “extraordinary.” These words motivate me and get me thinking outside the box. They get me thinking of the possibilities in life […]